Winning Quality… Like no others

The certifications with ISO13485, TS16949 & ISO9001 are particularly important in showing how promising on best possible quality Topwin is. Thanks to the full grid of advanced quality monitoring and testing equipment we use, we are able to meet even the most demanding requirements in quality.


Optical instrument parts we make, for example, were produced rigidly to specification because we understand that even slightest misalignment could result in failure on implementation of entire optical formula.

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Equipment TypeExampleQuantity
Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instrument Accretech -Rondcom41C 1
3D multi sensor CMM (with CCD profile from laser sensor & touch probe system) Schneider - SKM600S 1
3D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CNC control by Renishaw scanning system) Dukin HIT-564C 2
X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer Skyray - Thick800 1
Skyray - EDX 1800B 1
Optical emission spectrometer (OES) Skyray - OES 1000 1
Vision precise measuring system (with virtual CCD) Wine Eye II1
Salt fog inspection machine (CNC spray) Meiya MY-Y-60T 1
Salt bath corrosion inspection machineMeiya MY-60M 1
Roughness testing indicator (with DIN standard)TR 200 2
Tension strength testing machineWDR-100KD 1
Hardness testing machine  1
Microscope  2
Surface Roughness Testing Machine   1
Internal Dimension Gauge Set (2mm - 50mm) SYLVAC 1
MicrometerMitutoyo 64
Digital Caliper Mitutoyo 55
Dial Indicator Mitutoyo 9
Height Gauge  8

Plug Gauge Set

JIS Gauge Set 1250
ISO Gauge Set